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Mental Health Awareness Training at Al Furqan Manchester - July 2019

This event was held in collaboration with Sister's Corner at Al Furqan Manchester. The turnout was fantastic, with men and women of all ages in attendance.

Since this was our first event in central Manchester, we introduced ourselves to the community, outlining all the great work we have done in Greater Manchester so far.

Fardous gave a comprehensive talk on mental health and wellbeing, going into depth about the many ways in which mental health issues can be spotted in a loved one, and how to help them if you think they are suffering.

We had a question and answer session with the attendees, which was informative for us as well as the audience. Important topics such as identity, trauma, stress and education were discussed. One of the biggest successes of this session was that people felt so comfortable in the environment that they shared their personal experiences with mental health and asked for advice for themselves and their friends and relatives.

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