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Designed for Community and Public Services


The following are a list of services available during the lockdown period:


(Please note if you are struggling to access these services due to a language barrier, call us on 07305617599 and we can assist you)

In an extreme emergency, call 999 or go to the nearest A & E department or police station depending on the issue.

Childline is a free, 24-hour confidential helpline for children and young people who need to talk.


      Phone: 0800 1111  


Young Minds offers information, support and advice for children and young people on mental health, wellbeing and self-harm.   

Help for parents of those under 25 is offered by phone:  0808 802 5544 (Mon –Fri 9.30am-4pm). May change due to the current situation.  


The Mix provides non-judgmental support and information for young people under 25s. 








Star Outreach Project (S.O.P) is a Community Interest Company designed to bridge the gap between the Somali community and service providers by tackling key issues that prove to be a barrier to access.

S.O.P was developed as a direct response to the growing needs of the local Somali Community and service providers, to create one point of contact. 




Fardous, Founder and Director

As a qualified psychological wellbeing practitioner, Fardous has a wealth of experience in implementing personal support plans, which focus on the individual’s welfare, needs and working collaboratively with other professionals. Having spent her entire career improving outcomes for people of all ages, both in community settings and within services. Fardous is driven by the need to create a better working relationship between service users and providers by breaking down barriers to improve access. Advising and supporting people to manage their difficulties more effectively by motivating them to make positive changes and plans.

Fardous has also worked as an interpreter for over 15 years and understands the importance of communicating sensitive information effectively and supporting people in difficult circumstances by staying calm under pressure.  

She has also worked as a family placement support worker, providing direct support to Looked after Children and Young People aged 0-18 years by negotiating, mediating and supporting relationship development between them and their foster families. A key element of this role was to advocate on behalf of and empower children and young people to ensure that their needs were fully met in their foster placement. 


Nimo, Director of Community Engagement

Nimo is a professional community support worker with a wealth of transferable skills gained in community-focused services, who possesses a commitment to delivering an excellent service to vulnerable members of the community. Nimo has a reputation for delivering outstanding person-centred care, working with asylum seekers and refugees, helping them access services and settle into their new lives. As a community project worker, Nimo often took the lead in facilitating workshops addressing key issues affecting the Somali community.  Providing advice and guidance to health professional is one of Nimo’s many successful duties.  Nimo has recently undertaking additional training, completing her PGCE to further her skills and expertise in delivering community focused programmes.


Hibo, Technical and Finance Director

Hibo is a Software Engineer working in the tech industry. She has a background in Politics and International Relations. She has worked for International and Local NGO's, working in areas such as development, democratisation, and decentralisation in Somalia, and refugee resettlement in the UK. Hibo has worked as a teacher, researcher in International Conflict, and as a language interpreter. She has also taken part in many community focused and charitable organisations and events, such as mentoring, networking and raising money for various natural disasters and humanitarian aid. Hibo has significant experience working with services to develop problem-solving, collaboration, teamwork and presentational skills. She is passionate about helping people, solving problems through technological solutions and justice. Hibo strongly believes in helping young people support themselves, whilst also supporting them in using their experience to help others in need via education, volunteering and peer to peer support.  





1. Commitment

S.O.P wants to inspire community members to develop strong interpersonal skills and instil in them a sense of hope when faced with difficult situations. 

2. Support

Large members of the Somali community have experienced trauma and separation because of war and various significant events alike: S.O.P wants to assist members of the community in accessing support by eliminating language barriers and by providing a qualified and experienced workforce that is fluent in both Somali and English.

3. Awareness

We aim to deliver activities, which promote the physical and mental wellbeing of people, and to respond directly to the needs of individuals where appropriate.

4. Tailored Support

S.O.P will provide tailored support to families and services, by offering a support package, which includes one to one support for families and young people, as well as providing an experienced interpreter.

5. Training

S.O.P will be offering training to service providers by developing training packages that give a better understanding of key issues faced by members of the Somali community (cultural practices, mental health, separation, unemployment, migration etc...). 

6. Prevention

S.O.P is committed to offering early intervention by working closely with services to support the community and individuals to make positive changes. The focus is slightly different at each level but the goal remains the same.




S.O.P has been established to provide a strong network of support by creating a partnership with the local Somali community and service providers.


S.O.P will offer workshops addressing key issues in the community including language barriers, parenting and safeguarding amongst others. 



Mon - 9:30am - 3pm
Tues - 9:30am - 5pm
Weds - 9:30am - 5pm
Thurs - 9:30am - 5pm
Thurs - 6.30pm - 6am*
Fri - 6am - 6am*
Sat - 6am - 12pm*
(*out of hours service)




SN, Social Worker

A written review for the support that has been provided by Fardous . During the time I have been a social worker for a somalian family Fardous has provided a high amount of support in both organising and undertaking meetings between myself and the family. 

She has been able to communicate between myself and the family to set up visits and confirm meeting times and has also supported within these meetings as a translator at times. 


I feel that without the support Fardous has been providing working with these families would be very difficult and there would be a number of barriers in the way. These include language and understanding. In addition to this she has provided a high amount of practical and emotional support to the family, she has supported mum with her mental health and dad to understand the importance of age appropriate play and providing toys for the children.


I feel the service Fardous has provided has been invaluable to the work I and other professionals have completed with the family.


Kind regards

KO, CPN/Care Coordinator

I have been accessing the project for the last 4 months, due to working with a Somalian family, without the project working with my service user and her family would have failed, as I was struggling to support the family and there was no other service around to get support of due to the culture and language barrier.

Having one point of contact has been vital as a service provider as has been quicker and easier to deal with any issue that has arose. 

The lady I have worked with is part of the community, so the family feel relaxed with her which has helped me build up my relationship with the family, also she is able to give me information and knowledge of culture which has helped me build understand and knowledge in my profession.

I have found the process simple to access, the project worker has gone above and beyond, and was easily available, from a simple phone call or to meet me at the families home. 

The service has been Professional from the start and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone.

I am struggling to put it into words, and don’t feel this review will do it justice, the work and support the project has been amazing and vital.

I am looking forward to continuing to work with the project for the future.

Many thanks for all you help and support.





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